Ricki Lynée


Ricki (she/her/hers) is an award-winning New York City-born & based actress, writer, and producer. She is the co-owner and Head of Development at Nuanse Entertainment, Executive Producer at Future Facing Films, and a recipient of the 2021 All Stars Project/Castillo Theater Fellowship for Young Artists of Color. Ricki is a graduate of CUNY Brooklyn College where she received a BA in Theatre. As an advocate for diversity in film, theatre, and media, Ricki seeks to inspire younger artists; trailblazing by creating stories and embodying characters that challenge social norms. She is committed to authoring a body of work that prioritizes inclusivity, bold choices, and craftsmanship. Get to know Ricki at rickilynee.com.

I'm So Hot (Hermaine), Pastel Color Ripples (Jazmine), meet you at the Galaxy Diner (AG)

I'm So Hot

I'm So Hot

Playing the role of Hermaine