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"The fun of the experience and the innovation of a dating app being used as a theatrical platform deserves attention and praise."

- No Proscenium


Meet the Creatives

Team Pics & Bios Here




Prince - Hunter Canning (he/him) *

Adine - Tabatha Gayle (she/her) 

Egle - Alyssa May Gold (she/her) *

Hermaine - Ricki Lynée (she/her

Azor - Will Sarratt (he/him) *

Mesrin - Schuyler Van Amson (he/him)




Created & Written by Catherine Weingarten (she/her)

Creator, Director, Producer William Steinberger (he/him)

UX Designer & Engineer Vivian Belosky (she/her)

Costume Design by Daricel Calcano (she/her)

Sound Design by Carsen Joenk (she/her)

Press Representation by Matt Ross Public Relations

Co-Producer Pocket Universe

Pocket Artistic Director Alyssa May Gold (she/her) 

Co-Producer The Tank 

Tank Artistic Director Meghan Finn (she/her)

Tank Dir of Art Development Johnny G. Lloyd (he/him)

New Light Artistic Director Sarah Norris (she/her) †

† indicates NLTP company member

* indicates member of SAG/AFTRA Association

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IMG_6210 For Press-min.png

About the App


When everyone's insaneeely hot, who cheats first in a relationship? In this interactive girly app-daptation, a Prince captures hotties (like you) through a dating app to see who cheats first!! It’s like olden day French reality tv :p – where you can snap selfies and slide into DMs, too.


Available for download (& flirting) in the Apple and Google Play stores.


Adapted from Marivaux's La Dispute


I’m So Hot is a parody of an interactive dating app and features participation from the user as well as video and text storytelling elements.

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