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 running March 23 - April 15, 2023


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Cast Breakdown:

The Dressers
AUDREY, good at her job, but bossy, 40s/50s
BRENDA, longtime dresser, no nonsense, 50s/60s
KJ, a new dresser, 30s


The Chorus
LINDA, a bit of a flake
MONICA, takes no prisoners, probably anorexic/bulemic
JESSICA, a beautiful dancer
NICKI, the newest, youngest dancer
JOYCE, the oldest dancer
STACIE, the swing who can do anything


EVANGELINE, (or “Van”) any gender, the stage manager
MALLORY, a star of the show, any gender, 20s/30s/40s
PETER, a featured dancer new to the show, KJ’s former boyfriend
OLIVIA THE DOG, a puppy or small dog, extremely cute


† indicates NLTP company member


Written by Arlene Hutton 

Directed by Christopher Goutman

Scenic Design by TBA

Costume Design by TBA

Lighting Design & Technical Direction by Eric Nightengale

Sound Design by TBA

† indicates NLTP company member

In the basement quick-change room of a Broadway theatre in the mid 1980s, the chorus girls are at war with their dressers. Will the new dresser, with her own sad past and uncertain future, be able to navigate this minefield? ACCORDING TO THE CHORUS is a funny, nostalgic behind-the-scenes look at a pivotal period in the history of Broadway.


With a cast of twelve and a dog, this is ensemble work in the spirit of Balm in Gilead and Hot L Baltimore, workshopped by the re-risen group that initiated those projects.


Arlene Hutton