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March 29 - April 11, 2021
Streaming @ 59E59 Theaters

Presented as part of 59E59 Theaters
Plays-in-Place Series

Meet The Team

Allen - Michael Aguirre 

Mom - Bethany Geraghty 

Paul Simon - William Phelps †

Grandma Woodstock - Dana Martin 

Rob - Sean Phillips

Directed by Sarah Norris †

Film & Sound Editing by Hallie Griffin 

† indicates NLTP company member 

"Aguirre's script feels very real and very lived-in and peppered with humorous asides and nerdy references. His performance as Allen is funny and quietly, matter-of-factly heartfelt."
- John R. Ziegler & Leah Richards, Thinking Theater NYC

"Aguirre manages to have written a play that doesn’t feel like a play thanks to his interpretation of the main character. He doesn’t overdo the emotions, letting the songs carry that weight for him...The entire cast made The Jackson C. Frank Listening Party w/ Special Guests an organic whole, gamely playing Aguirre’s character with zest."
- Joel Benjamin, TheaterScene.Net

"This did something that I’ve been wanting to see in digital theatre almost since the very beginning: it made it an experience...We love it!"
- Ricky & Dana Young-Howze, The Young-Howze Journal

R&D Laurel.jpeg

Ways to Enhance Your Listening Experience 

Tutorial Video
Explained by our resident artists.

Hippie Juice
The official drink of The Listening Party


Five Final Steps For the Party

Step One: 

Understanding. What is a listening party?

A listening party is a communal experience, much like a live event. While we can't be live in-person this will be interactive as we're going to listen to an entire album of music together (bonus: we are including a play as well!) in one sitting. Tutorial video above, or click here.

Step Two: 

Create your own atmosphere!

Click here to procure your listening party pass (only one per household) at a price point that fits your budget. In advance of the event, check out our tips on how you can create the perfect listening party atmosphere to enhance the experience in your household, including instructions on how to make the official drink: Hippie Juice.

Step Three: 

Get the Jackson C. Frank album.

This event requires you to be your own DJ. Once you've reserved a ticket, you'll need to secure the album so that you are able to play along with the show. 

Here are a few options for obtaining the music. You will be taken directly to the album by clicking on your preferred streaming service below:

-SPOTIFY (Free with ads or no ads if you have a premium account)

-APPLE MUSIC (Free with Apple Music subscription)

-YOUTUBE (Free w/ ads)

-AMAZON MUSIC DOWNLOAD ($12.49 or free with Amazon Music)

-PHYSICAL CD (order your own copy for $12.49, but leave yourself time for shipping!)

Step Four: 

How does the event there audience participation?

You will be responsible for playing the album when instructed to do so. We promise, it is easier than it sounds! The playwright will guide you through when to pause when to play, and what track to listen to. There’s no pressure to keep up with anything, you are in control and can pause and re-start the show at anytime.

Step Five: 


We will be listening to the original 10 songs in order on the Jackson C. Frank self-titled album.

This list includes:

1. "Blues Run the Game" 

2. "Don't Look Back" 

3. "Kimbie" 

4. "Yellow Walls" 

5. "Here Come the Blues" Side Two 

6. "Milk and Honey" 

7. "My Name Is Carnival" 

8. "Dialogue (I Want to Be Alone)" 

9. "Just Like Anything" 

10. "You Never Wanted Me"

About the Play

In The Year of Our Lord, 2018, Kanye West held a listening party for his upcoming album, "Ye". It was to take place outdoors in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the listening party would include VIP guests, top-of-the-line A-List celebrities, and current trend-setters. Unfortunately, our host, Allen, could not make it that night. So he opted for the next best thing: to create his own listening party / theatrical experience during a global pandemic. Those tuning in can expect to:


     -Listen to the self-titled album, “Jackson C. Frank” in its entirety; and


     -Hear a deeply personal story about Allen and his older brother,

     who disappeared for an entire year.


The Jackson C. Frank Listening Party w/ Special Guests is part theatrical event, part listening party. The show draws parallels from the obscure and tragic folk musician of the 60’s and the poignant dramedy about a family member’s quest to find himself. If it works, the evening will be a virtual listening event of folk music and theater. If it doesn’t work, it will be like that time your nephew forced you to listen to his high school band’s new LP -- not exactly your “thing”. But at least, this time, you’ll be in the comfort of your own home.


Michael Aguirre as Allen.

This project is supported by the

Venturous Theater Fund of the Tides Foundation

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