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enhance your listening experience

Set the mood: 

with a pre-show playlist!

We will be listening here, so feel free to join or create your own!

prepare a cocktail or two: 

have a drink ready and snacks prepared.

Some delicious cocktails can be found here, and of course, non-alcoholic drinks are encouraged as well. Our drink of choice is Hippie Juice - find the recipe here. Please remember to consume responsibly.


get to know THE celebrity guests joining us for the show.

-PAUL SIMON (interviewed by Dick Cavett)

-GRANDPA WOODSTOCK (technically, you will meet Grandma Woodstock, but her online presence is, meet her other half instead)

other curiosities: 

which cbd oil is right for you?




Tutorial Video

(explained by our resident artists)

Hippie Juice

(the official drink of The Jackson C Frank Listening Party)

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