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 Running February 20 - March 16, 2024
@ Theatre Row, Theatre Two
410 W 42nd Street


Click here to read the bios of our cast, creative + production teams.

TINTOP Cast Collage.jpg

Alina – Charlotte Cohn * (she/her)

Hillel – Roger Hendricks Simon * (he/him)

Moses – Simon Feil * (he/him)

Martin – Ken King * (he/him)

Adolf Berle – Frank Licato * (he/him)

Joseph McCarthy – Steven Rattazzi * (he/him)

Daniil Shinyayev – Richard Hollis * (he/him)

Written by Deb Margolin (she/her)

Directed by Jerry Heymann ^ (he/him)

Intimacy + Movement Direction by Leighton Samuels  (he/him)

Casting by Robin Carus (she/her) 

Dramaturgy by Ginny Mayer (she/her) 

Scenic Design by Jessica Parks (she/her)

Costume Design by Julia Squier (she/they)

Lighting Design by Paul Hudson (he/him)

Sound Design by Jennie Gorn (she/he/they)

Wardrobe Supervisor Krista Grevas  (she/her)

Production Stage Manager Roger Lipson * (he/him)

Assistant Stage Manager Laura Kaye * (she/her)

Press Representation by Jonathan Slaff (he/him)

* indicates a member of Actors' Equity Association

^ indicates a member of Stage Directors & Choreographers Society

 indicates resident artist of New Light Theater Project


this is not a time of peace is a play about unrest. A story of love between a father and his daughter, it moves in concentric circles of turbulence: within a country, within a marriage, within the mind of one woman, struggling to save her father from memories of his country’s betrayal while committing a sexual betrayal of her own. What part of each of us is capable of committing the crimes of any one of us? Do the forces that hold a union together serve also to destroy it?

Image: Playwright Deb Margolin

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