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Nominated for Two 2016 IT Awards:
- Best Choreography
- Best Sound Design

"Storytelling magic!"

Top 5 Shows of the Week

- Jacquelyn Claire, NY Theatre Guide


"Run to see In the Soundless Awe...A beautifully produced play."

- Lea Fridman, OffOffOnline

"Powerful...Visually lush."

- Mateus Ferreira, Theatre Is Easy


One you should not miss.

Highly Recommend."

- Thomas Stevens, Applause Applause

"You feel their desperation."

- Gloria Talamas, Electronic Link

About the Play
Access Theater | Black Box
November 21st thru December 12th, 2015

Free tickets for Veterans or active-duty personnel

July 30, 1945. The U.S.S. Indianapolis is hit by two Japanese torpedoes, killing three-hundred sailors in the initial blast and leaving nine-hundred men to drift helplessly in the Pacific Ocean. The survivors are discovered almost five days later. When rescue ships and planes finally arrive, they witness hundreds of large shadows lurking around small groups of broken men drifting aimlessly in the current. Only three-hundred and twenty-one sailors are pulled from the blood-filled water.


This production takes place twenty-two years later, finding Charles Butler McVay III, the wrongly court-martialed and disgraced Captain of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, perpetually haunted by specters below, human and otherwise, who beckon him to join them. 


In the Soundless Awe is a highly-theatrical, emotionally-wrought, and horrific imagining of the final nightmare of Captain McVay, the man at the helm of the worst Naval disaster in United States history.


Amanda Berry

Gregory James Cohan

Eric Cotti

Leo Farley*

Bethany Geraghty

Brandon Jones*

Chris Kipiniak*

Janae Mitchell

Hallie Wage


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† indicates NLT company member

* indicates a member of Actors' Equity Association


Written by Jayme McGhan & Andy Pederson

Directed by Sarah Norris 

Choreography by Corrie Blissit 

Associate Director Abby Wylan 

Scenic Design by Brian Dudkiewicz 

Costume Design by Genevieve Beller 

Lighting Design by Michael O'Connor 

Sound Design by Andy Evan Cohen 

Projections Design by Yuriy Pavlish 

Film Associate Zach Griffin 

Make-up Design by Nicole Ferrigno

Production Manager Joshua Shain

Technical Director Matt Vieira

Outreach & Marketing Director Tori Gagliano

Associate Scenic Design by Samantha Schaffer

Production Assistant Joy Yoo

Production Stage Manager Juni Li 

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† indicates NLT company member

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