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October 19th thru November 12th, 2016

Access Theater

Located at 380 Broadway on the corner of White Street

"A compelling, complicated and expansive story told succinctly in an evening" - Tribeca Trib, on Two of Us

Two of Us - world premiere

Directed by Sarah Norris

Flashing between Honolulu and New York City, Two of Us shines a spotlight on Mark David Chapman and the social and domestic pressures leading up to his assassination of John Lennon in December 1980.


A showdown between the real and the fantastic,Two of Us addresses issues of economic hardship, gender equality, mental health, celebrity culture and gun violence.

Arthur and Esther

Directed by Jerry Heymann


A laid off librarian wrestles with suicide methods that hurt the least, while his wife waits impatiently. But where does she wait?  A play of two worlds, this elemental and affecting two-hander explores love, loss and the lives we inherit and impose on others.

"Howard's script sprints along with observation and humor... this is a special script..." - Las Vegas Review Journal

Our Walk Through the World

Directed by Stephanie Cunningham, Bryan Hunt, Heather Lanza,
Jay Stull, & Abby Wylan


Our Walk Through the World is a journey through the beauty, the absurdity, and the tragedy of modern life. A global voyage in an evening of six short plays.


In Tilly (An Introduction), a young woman films herself auditioning to become a surrogate mother. Colour-coded jelly beans prove the saving of one man’s career in Rules of Assortment, and a soccer coach introduces his latest acquisition to an assembled press in Our Prospects For The Coming Season. A son is reunited with his biological mother in Relinquish, while in The Viewing a real estate agent shows a couple around their dream home to a soundscape of gunfire and screaming. In Frisky & The Panda Man, a conservationist tries to come to terms with a lost love, a lost world and the last panda.

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