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october 9TH, 16TH, 23RD @ 7:30PM

irt theater | 3b residency @ 154 christopher street

the schedule:

New Light's Female Festival is produced, in part, through Kori Rushton and IRT's Residency Season. irttheater.org

In the spirit of Michelle Kholos Brooks’ play, Hitler’s Tasters, which shifts the focus of a male-dominated war narrative to the women, New Light Theater Project is proud to present three new female-driven events. With new works by playwrights Eliza Bent, Ren Dara Santiago, and Lea McKenna-Garcia, and direction by Sarah Hughes, Jenna Worsham, and Rebecca Cunningham, this festival aims to interrogate an historically masculine America by providing a new lens through which to view it.

About the


The lives of two Filipinas and a boy from Harlem overlap in present-day Manila. One wants reunion, one wants revenge, one wants revolution. The liars are exactly who you think they are. The honest are never what you’d expect. In a country run by the "Trump of the East," it's hard to know which side of justice you really stand on
Directed by Jenna Worsham

Featuring: Edison Mata Diaz, Kazuhiro Imafuku, Carmen LoBue, JP Moraga, Ruthie Ofrasio,

Eileen Rivera

Tuesday, 10/9 @ 7:30pm

Free Admission

Approximately: 100 minutes

Set in 2002 in a magic shop in Boston's Faneuil Hall, Eliza Bent's new play THE REGULARS examines the stories we tell ourselves (and the more complicated realities) about what it has meant to be an "average American" throughout our nation's history, from its founding through today.
Directed by Sarah Hughes

Featuring: Corinne Donly, Jenna Kraswoski,

Heather Thiry, Eden Zane, & Bethany Geraghty

Tuesday, 10/16 @ 7:30pm

Free Admission

Approximately: 90 minutes

Regina’s a modern girl with modern problems. Her boyfriend wants to open their relationship, just as she’s embarking on a project to adapt Lady Chatterley’s Lover for the #MeToo generation. How can one woman find herself while adapting a book with a pornographic reputation for this brand new Old World, without losing her feminist values in the process? A contemporary response to one of the most salcious (and banned) books of the 20th century.
Directed by Rebecca Cunningham

Featuring: Brett Epstein, Rigel Harris, Hannah Chloe Kaplan, Jacob Louchheim, Denver Milord, Sarah Reny, Chris Roe, Samantha Steinmetz, & Marissa Stewart

Tuesday, 10/23 @ 7:30pm

Free Admission

Approximately: 100 minutes



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