The Happy Family
a staged reading
by Jan Jalenak

Directed by Alastair boag

Part of New light theater project's spotlight series

About the play

february 8 at 4:30pm & 8pm

robert moss theater | 440 lafayette street

Cast includes:

Liz Warner as Joyce

Deb Offner as Doris

Brandi Nicole Wilson as Robin

Jason Nuzzo as Adam

Liz Pepe as Jodi

PJ Sosko as Bob

Ruth Pferdehirt as Terri

Jeremiah Cothren as Skip

McKenna Cox as Chris

Matt Biagini as Jason

Jenson Smith as Melanie

Kerry Malloy as Damion

Eric Goss as Jeremy

Zoe Van Tieghem as Sarah

Barry Hirsch as Leo

Emma Buford, Stage Directions

For bios and production history.

A family gathers in the West Village in Manhattan to celebrate the recently widowed Joyce’s 65th birthday. The evening unravels into chaos as the domineering matriarch’s true colors come out with each family member misrepresenting their present life situations in an effort to make it a harmonious evening and keep the illusion of being a “happy family”. It turns out that lying, sexual games, manipulation, dominance and love are the glue that holds this family together. The façade of happiness is like a house of cards that cascades down when the reality of the personalities crash into each other as the lies are revealed.



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