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Created by New Light Theater Project

Written by Michael Allen Aguirre

Co-Directed by Melissa Firlit & Michael Thomas Walker


A modern adaptation of Siddhartha that is set in a modern major city. Sidd leaves the cozy comfort of the ‘burbs in order to find the true meaning of happiness in the Big City.  The only thing stopping him: The people.



SIDD was a three-stop tour first playing in Chicago at The Gift Theatre, with workshops at Concordia University and York Community High School.  SIDD was the first out-of-town show to sell out in the history of the Chicago Fringe.









Friday, 9/5 @ 8:30PM, The Gift Theatre, Chicago – SOLD OUT

Saturday, 9/6 @ 2:30PM, The Gift Theatre, Chicago – SOLD OUT

Sunday, 9/7 @ 5:30PM, The Gift Theatre, Chicago – SOLD OUT

The second leg of the tour was in conjunction with Access Theater and Darkroom Series 6 in New York City.

Thursday, 9/18 @ 7:30PM, Access Theater, NYC

Friday, 9/19 @ 7:30PM, Access Theater, NYC

Finally, SIDD went upstate to where it was first developed! The Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild hosted New Light at the renowned Byrdcliffe Theater in Woodstock, NY.









Saturday, 9/27 @ 8:00PM, Byrdcliffe Theater, Woodstock, NY

Sunday, 9/28 @ 2:00PM, Byrdcliffe Theater, Woodstock, NY





























The Ultimate Goal of SIDD is to create a foundation of a script so that other artists and companies can continue to expand upon it.  Sidd encounters many different people, in many different places, at many different moments in order to find happiness and understand pain.

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