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How can we help YOU?

Hello friends and supporters,

We know the last couple of months have been an incredibly difficult time. As a theater community, collaborating and gathering together as a group is part of our job description. The great pause of 2020 has produced a colossal void. And yet, we are filled with hope and optimism, stemming from the generosity and love flowing from both our artists and audiences alike. From mask making to blood donations, phone banking to teaching, cheering on emergency responders to shopping for neighbors, we see and hear all of your stories and feel such pride in the people that comprise our community.  We want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your inspiring work and pledge our commitment to our supporters and this art form that we love. Our dedicated Collective of resident artists are coming together to create in this virtual reality we find ourselves in for the foreseeable future. Obviously, it isn't the same as being present in a shared space, but we hope that we can provide a safe virtual space to see, listen, and connect over our shared devotion for storytelling. Perhaps virtual storytelling isn't enough.  How can New Light Theater Project help you during this unusual time? If you feel comfortable reaching out, we'd sincerely like to hear from you. Please respond to this message or send an email directly to our team at: We will do our very best to help. At the very least, we promise a response.

We're so grateful to all of you in our community, and look forward to a time when we're in a theater space together again.

Sarah + Mike

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