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 Nominated for an IT Award for Outstanding Actress: 
 Jessica Kitchens 

About the Play


Set in present day Central Valley, California. When Washington, a young Native American, is invited to stay in the Beaumonts’ upscale guest house, both Mr. and Mrs. — miserable and unsatisfied in their marriage — use Washington to make arrangements that will help them escape their unhappiness. But when Washington begins to fall in love with Mrs. Beaumont, he manipulates the wealthy household occupants and pins family against family, leading to a climactic bloodbath. A contest for territory, No One Loves Us Here is a black comic portrait of love and obsession, the aspiration of displaced youth and a crumbling white-collar class.

January 15th thru February 7th, 2015

Read ROSS HOWARD’S BLOG for Samuel French, Inc. discussing his work on the show and with NLTP


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