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*Winner of the Best Emerging Artist Award at the UnitedSolo Festival of 2013*


Unlike most tales of addiction, Mother Knows Best highlights one woman's denial and the toll it takes on her family. It is a comedy about the manners of a Jewish mother, Dore Schecter, and the tragedy of her failure to protect her children. This one-woman show follows Dore as she wrestles with recovery, alone onstage as her addiction has made her alone in life.​

Limited Engagement - only 4 performances!

Wednesday, May 11 at 8pm

Saturday, May 11 at 3pm & 8pm

Sunday, May 15 at 1pm


Written and Performed by Deb Radloff*

Directed by Blayze Teicher

Produced by Ben Davis

Dramaturgy by Elyzabeth Gorman

Production Design by Emma Matters

Production Stage Management by Kate Payne


* Actor appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

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