LONDON CALLING (or The British Are Coming!)

a short play festival in association with

our British partners:





New Light produced 5 British writers - the Equilibrium produced 5 American writers

Saturday, April 26 & Sunday, April 27 at 8PM

TBG Theatre


Photo by Steph Ziemann

The NYC artists of London Calling

And the musical talents of 
The Lisa Franks
aka Danielle Beckmann & Sasha Winters
Featuring Gallery Artwork by
Step Ziemann

Over the same weekend, we hosted a new reading series with 3 NYC playwrights.

THE 4TH by Oscar Federico Limon

Directed by Courtney Knysch


Featuring: Cody Andrus, Aaron Griffith-VanderYacht, Josh Hemphill, Andrew Murphy and Jeffrey Omura



Saturday, April 26th @ 5pm

JUNKYARD by Jerry Lieblich

Directed by Judy Merrick


Featuring: Janette Johnston, Lorin Partalis, J. Eric Cook, Dave Lanson, and Meredith Cody




Sunday, April 27th @ 1pm

ROSLOE by Amy Gijsbers van Wilk

Directed by David Sernick


Featuring: Kathleen Reilly, Marisela Gonzalez, Olivia Stoker, Arthur Kriklivy, Miles Butler, Jordane Christie, and Collin McConnell


Sunday, April 27th @ 4pm





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