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AUGUST 3 thru SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 



(59 EAST 59TH street)

Photos by Hunter Canning / @huntercanning

You will be captivated and entertained.”

Marina Kennedy

Broadway World

Soresi has a great and somewhat goofball presence behind the mic, with a funny in-your-face, big grin style.”

Steven Ross

Front Mezz Junkies

Excellent...Gianmarco Soresi gives us humor and pathos, imparting a unique, heartfelt and somewhat cynical view of romantic relationships.

Andy B Sports

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Full of clever jokes and compelling twists and turns.”


Adrienne Urbanski

Theatre Is Easy


A laugh-out-loud great night at the theatre.”

Nicole Cardoni

Plays To See

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Gianmarco Soresi as Gianmarco

Hannah Hale as Laura

Team Pics & Bios HERE

For more info on the play, visit the website:


Written by Gianmarco Soresi

Directed by Jen Wineman

Produced by Robin Milling

Scenic Design by Ashleigh Poteat †

Costume Design by Samantha Rose Lind †

Lighting Design by Driscoll Otto

Sound Design by Emily Auciello

Projection Design by John Erickson

Prop Design by Leila Ben-Abdallah

Stage Management by Daricel Calcano

Assistant Stage Management by Samantha Walsh

Assistant Direction by Daniella Seidl

Technical Direction by Evan Kutcher, ShopDog Studios

Casting by Michael Cassara, CSA

Producing Director Michael Aguirre †

Artistic Director Sarah Norris †

† indicates NLTP company member - click on name for more info

About the play

Less Than 50% is a smart and witty unromantic comedy; a two-hander about something everyone can relate to --Love – and all the insane, irrational, impromptu ways we try to keep it. What are you supposed to do after you fall in love? Written by and starring Gianmarco Soresi, it is based on true events about the end of his five-year relationship with Laura Catalano. Gianmarco navigates through his neuroses and misgivings toward marriage, love and life if he is ever to marry “the love of his life.”

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