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“Hitler’s Tasters!” Funny. Touching. A wonderful night at the theatre!
I forgive Michelle Kholos Brooks for stealing Hitler from me.”

Mel Brooks

"One of the best evenings I’ve spent in the theater
in a long time. It was interesting, entertaining, upsetting
and made you think."

Susan Stroman, Legenday Director & Choreographer

"Funny, disturbing, great performances all around...Go see it!"
Michael Sheen, Olivier-nominated actor

"A sly and disturbing meditation on the seductiveness of evil… 

As history and headlines prove alike, tyranny is timeless."

Raven Snook, TimeOut New York Critics' Pick / off-Broadway

"A timely dark comedy that is as fun as it is terrifying."

Linda Buchwald, Theatre Is Easy 'Best Bet' / off-Broadway

"Hitler’s taste testers are the toast of Broadway."

Will Pavia, The Times of London / off-Broadway

"Chilling. Director Sarah Norris inventive staging follows a simple storyline and her gifted cast reveals the playwright’s irony and dark humor. Ms. Brooks is clearly as concerned for America’s future as she is with Germany’s past."

David Rothenberg, WBAI Radio "Any Saturday" / off-Broadway

"I saw it for the third time. Very effective. Very well staged."

Peter Filichia, Broadway Radio/ off-Broadway

"It’s funny …palpable, stirring and jarring

I was shaken…The choreography and staging are fantastic."

Matt Tamanini, Broadway Radio/ off-Broadway

"Directed by Sarah Norris, an excellent all-female cast of four delivers an energetic, expressive, and youthful pan-temporal take on the characters."

Deb Miller, DC Metro Theater Arts / off-Broadway

"Michelle Kholos Brooks has brilliantly adapted...a timely drama with dark humor and music…the relevance needs no explication."

Rachel S. Kovacs, Off Off Online / off-Broadway

"A powerful 90-minute play...fine-tuned and boasts a pitch perfect cast!"

Howard Miller, Talkin' Broadway / off-Broadway

"Chillingly relevant…a captivating play by Michelle Kholos Brooks…Hallie Griffin, Mary Kathryn Kopp, Kaitlin Paige Longoria, and Hannah Sturges are back to reprise their roles beautifully under Sarah Norris’ skillful direction!"

Patrick Christiano, Theater Life / off-Broadway

"It was art, man. It was art."

Tom Kelly, The Tom Kelly Show / off-Broadway

"An enjoyable evening."

Jan Simpson, Broadway Radio/ off-Broadway

"Directed with real style and feeling by Sarah Norris,
the play features five impressive performances."
Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman / Edinburgh
"The freshest drama I saw all Fringe...
perhaps it will become a modern Fringe classic,
providing a strong message for our times."
The Jewish Chronicle / Edinburgh

"I left the room utterly gobsmacked at the level of talent
that I had just had the pleasure of watching."
Theatre Weekly / Edinburgh

"One of the hits of the season...nothing could be more relevant or
more perfectly presented."
A Younger Theatre / Edinburgh

"Completely different to anything I have seen at this year's Fringe!"
Within Her Words / Edinburgh

"Slick, smart production by New Light Theater Project"
The Stage / Edinburgh

"Innovative and powerfully original."
Spy in the Stalls / Edinburgh

"Tightly performed and directed work...the humour cuts like barbed wire."
Edinburgh Guide / Edinburgh

"It is particularly relevant to be reminded that fascism and far-right brainwashing can happen so insidiously that the end results just look like normal people; these young girls are both victim and complicit, and remain emphatically human throughout."
Theatre Box / Edinburgh

"Hitler's Tasters touts an unlikely subject for comedy, and yet it succeeds -- brilliantly!"
Miro Magazine / Edinburgh

"A thought-provoking piece that I strongly recommend seeing."
EdFringe Review / Edinburgh

"Michelle Kholos Brooks beautifully depicts this twisted tale
of honour and sacrifice for one’s country."
The Crumb / Edinburgh

"Wonderful writing, wonderful performances."
WYLRT Podcast / Edinburgh

"A curious and thought provoking piece."
UK TW Theatre / Edinburgh

"Thoughtful and unsettling piece of work."
The List / Edinburgh

"Hitler’s Tasters is at times bizarre, often provocative and consistently disturbing."
EdFest Magazine / Edinburgh

"The entire female cast has a tremendous sense of sisterhood."
Corr Blimey / Edinburgh

"Highly engaging and striking piece of ensemble work."
FringeReview / Edinburgh


"This one is an original, and it is loaded from stem to stern with fresh new talents."​

David Barbour, Lighting & Sound America / NYC

"What the playwright Michelle Kholos Brooks has successfully done is meld that past horror with the current political climate (and culture) in America to create a shape-shifting presentation

of the 1940’s, spray- painted by 2018."

​Theater Pizzazz / NYC

"It's such a great essay on the banality of evil and how people sign up to do evil as long as it serves their purpose. And I also found myself to be extremely entertained."

Jose Solís, American Theatre Podcast / Token Theatre Friends / NYC

"I've never been to a New Light Theater Project show but I'm very impressed."

​Diep Tran, American Theatre Podcast / Token Theatre Friends / NYC

"The ensemble is nothing short of breathtaking."​

New York Theater Review / NYC

"Sarah Norris’ direction is music on stage...the cast is marvelous."​

Front Row Center / NYC


"...the brilliant ensemble cast carries this perennial weight with enormous grace and determination."

Theatre Reviews Limited / NYC

"Sometimes LOL funny & sometimes heartbreakingly sad, an important commentary on the (sadly) eternal truths about human frailty & government run amok."

Larchmont Buzz / Los Angeles

"With this production, they have perhaps opened the door to a new approach in presenting live theater. Their innovative imagination and use of space, lighting, blackouts, and music was progressive to the point that during moments in the show, one had to wonder

where did they come up with the idea for that."

Patch / East Hamptons

"Highly Recommended - Under the careful direction, almost choreographed movement by Sarah Norris...'Hitler’s Tasters' is an interesting concept & 90 minutes of enjoyment."
Around the Town / Chicago

"The story has packed a wallop...Kaitlin Paige Longoria, MaryKathryn Kopp, Hallie Griffin, & Hannah Mae Sturges portray characters rich enough to haunt the audience long after the show is over."
Splash Magazine / Chicago

"Fascinating...the ensemble cast of 'Hitler's Tasters' does a fine job of making the lives of these young women come to life."
Northwest Indiana Times / Chicago

"a tightly constructed production, one honed to a fine edge over time."

Keith Waits / Arts-Louisville

"5 Things To Do in Louisville This Weekend"

LEO Weekly / Louisville, KY


The ALL FEMALE Hitler's Tasters Team

#EdFringe Company

@ Greenside Infirmary

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