Gama Valle


Gama (él/him/his) is a Puerto Rican director, playwright/screenwriter and freelance casting professional. He holds an M.F.A in Directing from The New School and a B.A. in Drama from the University of Puerto Rico. He is a former recipient of the Van Lier Directing Fellowship at Repertorio Español. Gama received the First Prize in playwriting from Puerto Rico’s Institute of Culture for his play “Queishd&Dilit”. Recently his play “¡Los huevos o la revolución!” was part of IATI Theater’s Cimientos Play Developing Program. He is a member of New Light Theater Project. N.Y. directing credits include: “CAMBIO”, “TheLesson”, “L’Amfiparnaso”, “I Catch You Dreaming”, “Among Who, Whom and Ever”, “Jump It”, “In Love but Discreet”, “The Girl Who Used to Die Often”. 


For more info, visit:

Pastel Color Ripples (Radio Drama, Playwright), Promesa Promesota (Radio Drama, Playwright),

Me, a Man (Dramaturg), I Wanna F*ck Like Romeo & Juliet (Casting), The Great Novel (Casting), 

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Gama serves as a Co-Chair to the Play Date Group as well as a member of the Virtual Radio Drama,

& Development Committees.

The Great Novel

The Great Novel

The American Tradition

The American Tradition