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Learn a little bit about the play from our terrific ensemble!

"Under Sarah Norris’s tender direction, the inaction unfolds in lovingly rendered, beautifully acted, mostly two-person scenes that demand you lean in as these ordinary folks try awkwardly to connect during the holidays."
- Raven Snook, TimeOut New York, Critics' Pick

"A small gem of a holiday play...beautifully written, acted, and directed."
- Linda Buchwald, Theatre Is Easy, Best Bet

"There are so many reasons why metro area audiences should see Everything is Super Great. It is a poignant, entertaining show that portrays real people honestly and empathically."
- Marina Kennedy, Broadway World

"New Light Theater Project is becoming one of my favorite theater companies. They put on these humanistic plays with strong characters that grab your heart."
- Eva Heinemann, Hi! Drama

"Stephen Brown strikes just the right balance between comedy and tragedy...a refreshing departure from the usual Holiday fare."
- Sarah Downs, Front Row Center

"The performances are, as mentioned and without exception, superb, a grounded and vivid balance of comedy and pathos." 
- John R. Ziegler & Leah Richards,
Thinking Theater NYC

Photos by Hunter Canning / @huntercanning

"Will Sarratt is terrific...Lisa Jill Anderson succeeds in conveying a full  range of emotions...Xavier Rodney is truly delightful...and Marcia DeBonis, whose exuberance, effervescence and just plain well-meaning (if often misplaced) goodness suffuse the entire production."
- Alan Miller, A Seat on the Aisle

"Charming and impactful, Everything is Super Great encourages togetherness by articulating the pain caused when someone goes missing."
- Hazen Cuyler, Theater Pizzazz

"Funny and poignant, very well acted, with laughs and tears enough to pleasantly fill its 95 minutes." 
- Samuel Leiter, The Broadway Blog

"A lovely thing to behold...Brown demonstrates his considerable skill for creating characters you can latch onto and root for."
- Mark Dundas Wood,

"Ably written and well directed."
- Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town

"Everything Is Super Great is refreshing in its lack of fashionable cynicism: it doesn’t condescend toward its characters, no matter how vulnerable or messy they can be. There’s something hopeful in this collection of lost souls coming together at Christmas, yet without the saccharine clichés that plague so many holiday stories."
- Colin MacDonald, OffOffOnline

"The acting is super-great, as is superb direction.
This one makes my must-see list."
- Lawrence Harbison, PlayFixer

"Under Sarah Norris’s sensitive direction, the ensemble works hard maintaining the authenticity and believability of their characters and allowing the plot to be successfully driven by their conflicts."
- David Roberts, Theatre Reviews Limited

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Click here to read the bios of our cast, creative + production teams.

Tommy - Will Sarratt †*

Anne - Marcia DeBonis*

Dave - Xavier Rodney

Alice - Lisa Jill Anderson *

Written by Stephen Brown

Directed by Sarah Norris †

Scenic Design by Brian Dudkiewicz 

Costume Design by Mari Taylor 

Lighting Design by Elaine Wong

Sound Design by Jan Bentley †

Prop Design by Sarah George

Stage Management by Alannah O'Hagan*

Assistant Stage Management by Elizabeth Weber

Line Producer Samuel-James DeMattio

Assistant Director Arthur Ross 

Technical Direction by TJ Craftsman 

Press Representation by Karen Greco


† indicates NLTP company member

* indicates member of Actors Equity Association

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The artists of Everything is Super Great.

The cast of Everything is Super Great.


Subsidized studio space provided by the A.R.T./New York Creative Space Grant, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

About the Play

In Everything is Super Great (a comedy about what's missing), a typical day in the life of Tommy involves triple shot lattes, pining over the manager at Starbucks and arson at Applebee’s. Such distractions are therapeutic when your older brother has been missing for months and your mom won't stop force feeding you Pop Tarts, but when a well meaning, if somewhat dysfunctional, “art therapist” shows up on his doorstep, Tommy must finally face his loss. Everything is Super Great explores the different ways we cope with loss, and how letting someone in helps us with letting something go.

November 20 - December 14, 2019

@ 59E59 Theaters, Theater C

In association with Stable Cable Lab Co.

In conjunction with Theatre Lab FAU

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