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DARKROOM SERIES 6: September 2014

Songs from Sofia Red written & performed by Loren Berí


Hot Air Balloon Girl

written & directed by Chelsea Hanawalt (boom! theater)

Featuring Samantha Leeds and Smyth Campbell
A young girl crashes her hot air balloon in an unexplainable world, with unexpected people.



created & directed by Erin Daley

Theatrical gifs based on the poetry of Renata Ament.
Featuring Michael Axelrod, Brandon O’Sullivan, Rachel Yong



by Richard Zinober

Directed by David Sernick
Featuring Matthew Stango and Kate Flanagan
Deprogramming a girl from a cult. Somebody’s got to do it.


H20 Pool Bar at the San Luis Hotel

by Molly Beach Murphy

Directed by Katie Lindsay
Featuring Caroline Gart, Miles Jackson, Mariah Lee, Molly Murphy, Erin Frisbee, Colleen Wilson
A carnival in progress on cocktail waitressing in a swim suit. It’s 2007 in Galveston, TX and if you ain’t got no money take yo broke ass home.

Photo featuring Loren Berí and Musicians performing music from Sofia Red.

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