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Persephone Rises 

Written and Directed by Emily Snyder 

presented by Turn to Flesh Productions

With James Parenti and Laura Hooper


The Douchegirl Play 

by Duncan Pflaster

Directed by Ben Prusiner
With P. Case Aiken and Whit Leyenberger
A married couple’s lives are disrupted when an old friend, presumed dead, comes to visit.


Reginald of Brinston

by Loren Berí

Directed by David Sernick
With David Bodenschatz, Laura Hill, Alix Rosenfeld and Josh Wolonick


Picture Ourselves in Latvia

by Ross Howard 

presented by New Light Theater Project

Directed by Sarah Norris
With Gregory James Cohan, Sarah Goosmann, Anthony Lopez, Michael Padgett, Amy Lee Pearsall, Michael Thomas Walker


Cleveland & Eddie 

Written and Directed by Tim Butterfield

With Larry Philips and Paul Frederick
A break in at a Brooklyn apartment reveals the true relationship of two men.


An experimentation on the performative element of poetry

by Roberto Capriotti


Musical Guest Kelley Swindall

Photo by Hunter Canning featuring Gregory James Cohan in NLTP’s Picture Ourselves in Latvia.

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