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DARKROOM SERIES 2: August 2013

A Conversation Between Tap and Trumpet 

Performed by Stacy and Rob Alley

Expand the boundaries of uncharted territory between live jazz trumpet and tap dance by exploring improvisation as a driving force in a creative exchange and how this relationship between the two informs both artists’ interpretation of the music.


Scenes from Sexless in the Boroughs

by Colleen O’Connor

presented by The Glass Eye & Fresh Produce’d NYC

Directed by Kyle Metzger
With Colleen O’Connor and Andrew Davies
This show is inspired by O’Connor’s Blog of the same name, chronicling her ups and downs as a 26 year old virgin New Yorker.


Alien Sex Comedy

by Alan Charnock

presented by The Iron Curtain Theater Company

Directed by Bryan Hunt
Wackadoo little play about three aliens who fly to earth to learn how the human species reproduces, the aliens haven’t figured it out and are slowly becoming extinct on their planet. The only research they have their hands on are these live broadcasts from the BBC (Backdoor Booty Call). So porn. They crash land on earth, meet some humans and hilarity ensues.



by Jonathan Phillips

produced by The Fishbowl Collective

Directed by Brendon Votipka
The violent breaking point of a young boy is retraced through the desperate narratives of nine characters.


Scenes from The Oedipus Project

presented by New Light Theater Project

Directed by Sarah Norris
A new adaptation of Sophocles’ Oedipus Trilogy. Using an original score of folk music and Gregorian chants, the company of 15 actors shed a different light on a classic story.

Photo featuring Stacy Alley & Rob Alley in A Conversation Between Tap and Trumpet.

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