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DARKROOM SERIES 11: May 12 & 13, 2016

The Refuge Project

Conceived and directed by Alex Mallory

Created and performed by Ali Andre Ali, Samantha Cooper,

Nicole Ventura, and Ana Cantoran Viramontes



written & directed by Joseph Almanza w/ Chris Ryan

and Mikaal Bates



by The New Dance Theatre w/ Bethany Geraghty, 

Shannon Stowe, Angie Tennant, Jim Anderson,

Amy Fulgham, Patrick Horn, Alexandra Gellner,

and Ilan Ben-Yehuda


A Big Life For the Adventurous

written and performed by Molly Beach Murphy,

directed by Gabriel Vega Weissman



by Rebecca Crigler, directed by Sarah Norris w/ Hallie Wage

and Stuart Green


Hosted by Abby Wylan and Samantha Rose Lind


Stage Manager: Kate Lagana

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