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5 curated acts.

10 minutes each.

Announcement for Darkroom 18

coming soon!

An arts party to showcase new work, meet artists, & network to find future collaborators.

More info on Darkroom 18 coming soon!

More info on Darkroom 18 coming soon!

It's part of our mission to share resources, expand our network and champion artists outside our Collective.






Let us answer all your Darkroom questions.


Check out what Theatre in the Now says about Darkroom.


Do you want to join the party? Click here to apply.


A new program geared toward assisting past artists in their next stage of development.


Explore Darkrooms of the past...we've worked with some terrific artists!


Darkroom is where I found my artistic voice as a writer. I experimented with ideas, played with new forms, and built the foundation of all the work I'm making now. My pieces at darkroom went on to become full length plays that have appeared at Ars Nova & Williamstown Theatre Festival. 

Molly Beach Murphy

Darkrooms 3, 6, 9, & 11

Darkroom gave the push we needed to bring our project, Asylum, to the next level. We felt stronger as a company and our mission after working on our piece for Darkroom. The feedback was positive, constructive and supportive. Because of this, we are on a path to a full production. 

Shannon Stowe, New Dance Theatre

Darkroom 11; Darkroom Developed

Darkroom was really helpful in allowing me to get my play up on its feet beyond a music stand reading. There are a lot of reading series out there, but this program is unique in allowing artists to bring in more fully-produced works in progress. This experience helped me learn a lot about the physicality of the play in a way that helped me complete a draft. A year and a half later, it saw a full production and I can say with certainty that this would not have been possible without the support that Darkroom allowed me. It was also fantastic to get access to audiences from such a wide array of other companies.

Lisa Huberman

Darkroom 3, 15

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