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Q&A on the site-specific Apartment Play from Michael Aguirre.

Do I have to watch someone bake a pie? 

No. You will watch someone make a sandwich.


Do I have to spend any time sitting on the edge of the tub in the bathroom watching bathroom activities? 

No. No bathroom. The writer is a germaphobe.


Do people keep their clothes on or take them off? 

Both. You will see someone in their underwear. And it is live theatre. We cannot account for accidental nudity if something happens to ‘slip out’.


Do I have to move around? 



Do I have to participate in some activity? 

None. No one will bother you or touch you. No interaction.


Is it appropriate for children? 

Dependent on the political views of the parents. Well, actually… it’s pretty inappropriate.


If I have to go to the bathroom, do I have to use the portapotty in the adjacent construction site? 

You will share a bathroom with the 15 other guests present at the event. It was cleaned last week. It will be cleaned again this week. Again, the germaphobe thing…


Is liquor being served? 

BYOB. Coffee and water will be available.


Do I get a full meal for my ticket price? 

Eat before you come.


Is the apartment clean? 

Yes. See ‘germaphobe’ above.


Do I, as an audience member, have to clean the apartment? 

Only if you spill.


Is a Roomba one of the characters? 

No. That’s for the sequel.


Do I ever have to sit in total darkness in the apartment? 

There is a brief blackout in the end. Lasting three seconds.


Is someone going to touch me appropriately or inappropriately? 

No. Though I cannot speak for other audience members.


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