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The Creative Team

adapted & directed by Ashlee Wasmund

original music, lyrics, & music directed by Kristen Hedberg

sound design by Zay Jarrett

sound editing by Matt Williams,

sound engineering by  Jim Elenteny

assistant music direction by Tyler Garner

assistant sound editing by Logan Strahley

with stage management by Bryson Peele

stage management by Mickie DeRiggi

dialect coaching by Claire Eye

produced by WCU’s School of Stage & Screen

in collaboration with WCU’s Commercial Music & Audio Production Program

radio drama theme by Andy Evan Cohen

presented by New Light Theater Project


David Bruce (percussion)

Sarah Fowler (piano)

Martha Gardner (violin)

Franklin Keel (cello)

Sabrina Kumar (flute)


Abigail Brazier (Mrs. Fezziwig/Ms. Dilber)

Kirsten Beach (Caroler/Charity 1/Company)

Lilly Davis (The Three Spirits)

Will Evans (Dick Wilkins/Peter/Company)

Lyndell Finger (Caroler/Topper)

Brennen Foerst (Caroler/Marley)

Lily Gaddis (Charity 2/Laundress/Company)

Tyler Garner (Caroler)

Stephen A. Gonya (Scrooge)

Wyatt LaVoie (Tiny Tim)

Tyler Ledbetter (Bob)

Payton Miller (Emily/Company)

Max Morter (Young Lad/Company)

Micah Patt (Fan)

Georgia Reichard (Belle)

Sam Rodd (Ebenezer/Undertaker)

Rachel Sabo Hedges (Clara)

Breanna Smith (Caroler/Martha/Company)

Caleb Spainhour (Fred)

HK Wall (Mrs. Cratchit/Company)

Colin Wasmund (Mr. Fezziwig/Old Joe)

Lexi Yauch (Belinda/Company)

About the Drama

Adapted from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, A Ghost of Christmas Past is a festive ghost story and cautionary tale, featuring original lyrics and compositions and a resilient femme touch. Fan, Scrooge’s often forgotten younger sister, takes center stage as the feminine and ethereal guide to restore balance in the unbalanced world and heart of Ebenezer Scrooge. Fan illuminates the notion that our individual and prime responsibility as humans is to examine how our inner phantoms, our histories, our words, and our actions affect those around us.

Through this retelling, we are reminded to accept help and guidance when it is offered, even when it is not easy. To resist the belief that reveling in the downfall or the destruction of those around us makes us better off. To embrace the power in our vulnerability. And to consider our own contribution to the larger scope of humanity.

Run Time:

Part 1 is approx. 70 minutes

Part 2 is approx. 45 minutes

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