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Rebecca (she/her/hers) has been called different things by different people. Sometimes a producer—Mike Birbiglia’s The New One (Lortel Award nomination) and Thank God For Jokes; Chris Gethard: Career Suicide; The American Tradition; Lucie Pohl: Hi, Hitler; I Lost You There; A Sunnyside Mixtape; Whirlwind (NYIT nomination). Sometimes a company manager—Downtown Race Riot, Jerry Springer – The Opera, Good for Otto, Peace for Mary Frances, 3 Mics. Sometimes a general manager—A Jewish Joke, gUnTOPIA, The King’s Speech (1st National Tour), Nick Kroll: One Night Only. Sometimes an actor. Sometimes a writer. Sometimes people call her a friend.

The American Tradition (Line Producer), Motel 60 (part of Darkroom; playwright), 

Interlude with Allegra (part of Darkroom; director)

During the pandemic, Rebecca served as a Co-Chair to the Play Date Group. 

The American Tradition

The American Tradition

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