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E.E. Adams


New Light New Voices Winner

Development workshop with direction by NJ Agwuna. More details here.

Arthur Ross.JPG

Arthur Ross


Development workshop with dramaturgical support from Gama Valle. More details here.


AriDy Nox & Brandon Webster

METROPOLIS, an Afrofuturist Musical

Development workshop with direction by Zhailon Levingston in partnership with WCU. More details here.

gina femia.jpg

Gina Femia

meet you at the Galaxy Diner.

Virtual Presentation with direction by William Steinberger. More details here.



The New Light Development Committee formed to oversee the nurturing of new works in various stages of the creative process, all while navigating this remote, socially-distanced space.

In this virtual world, supporting writers and artists has become a priority for our Collective. We are thrilled to provide a platform and champion the brilliance of E.E. Adams, Gina Femia, Arthur Ross, and musical team AriDy Nox & Brandon Webster. We look forward to sharing this work with all of you soon. Stay tuned.

galaxy first day.png

meet you at the Galaxy Diner. First day of rehearsal via Zoom.

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