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NLTP - TLAO - 589 x 240.png

 Running October 7 - November 11, 2023
@ Theatre Row, Theatre One
410 W 42nd Street

a co-production with EMBELECO UNLIMITED


Click here to read the bios of our cast, creative + production teams.

TLAO Cast Collage.jpg

[in order of appearance]:

Liz – Danielle Ferland * (she/her)

Trish – Jenny Bacon * (she/her)

Nathan – Marquis Rodriguez * (he/him)

Liz/Trish Understudy – Carolyn Baeumler* (she/her)

Nathan Understudy – Hugo Wehe (he/him)

Written by Owen Panettieri † (he/him)

Directed by Sarah Norris ^ (she/her)

Casting by Gama Valle † (él/him) 

Scenic Design by Brian Dudkiewicz  (he/him)

Costume Design by Kara Branch  (she/her)

Lighting Design by Kelley Shih (she/her)

Sound Design by Janet Bentley  (they/them)

Property Master/Scenic Assistant Danielle Pecchioli (she/her)

Wardrobe Supervisor Krista Grevas (she/her)

Master Electrician/Assistant LD Hayley Garcia Parnell (she/they)

Production Stage Manager Josh Blye * (he/him)

Assistant Stage Manager Hugo Wehe (he/him)

House Management by Caroline Mack (she/her) & Sam Tuschinski (she/her)

Producing Associate Kleo Mitrokostas (she/her)

Press Representation by Charlie Guadano (he/him)

† indicates an NLTP company member 

* indicates a member of Actors' Equity Association

^ indicates a member of Stage Directors & Choreographers Society



When Trish arrives home one night to find the lights on and a stranger waiting at her bedroom window, she runs straight to her neighbor Liz's house for help. Though they haven't spoken in years, Liz invites her inside, but Trish immediately feels something is wrong. The more Trish learns about how Liz and her son Nathan have been living, the more certain she becomes that a threat to all their safety is quickly closing in around them.

Image: Owen Panettieri, playwright

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