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Rebecca's writing contains multitudes. In the anguish of her characters lies a humor we can all relate to, and in their fallibilities we see a latent heroism that resides within us all. She creates figures we recognize and root for, even as we hope they will overcome their baser instincts to be the better people we all aspire to become. Her writing is woven with secrets which are at once inevitable and surprising, commanding our attention while simultaneously flipping our understanding on its ear.

Jonathan Schlieman


NOVEMBER 1 - november 11, 2017

washington heights apartment | 3750 Broadway

Details and reservation info coming soon.



Rebecca's plays include Motel 60 and The Adults at the Party. Her writing has been developed with WT Theatre Company’s writer’s group, and Motel 60 received a production in New Light Theater Project’s Darkroom Series in May 2016. Rebecca has worked to produce and promote new playwrights with Cherry Lane Theatre’s Mentor Project 2016. She is a resident artist of NLTP.



Abby is a graduate of Muhlenberg College. Last summer, she directed Rumple Who! and Between a Rock and a Rock at the 13th Street Repertory Co. Abby also assistant directed the regional productions of The Music Man and Hairspray. Other directing credits include: Intermission, Springtime, Savage/Love, and Steppin’ to the Bad Side. 

Currently, Abby works as one of the Darkroom producers.


Set in a dystopian future where there are two types of people: the doers and the stayers. The doers are the successes (politicians, doctors, businessmen, etc.) and are out in the world, completely free. Except they cannot stop. They must do. The stayers are not really obligated to do anything. They are just confined to their apartments, not allowed to go out. They have the life, right?

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Bethany Geraghty*

Hallie Griffin*

Leah Kreitz*

Zachary Smith

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With Line Producing by Lea McKenna-Garcia*

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