west coast premiere


march 12 - 30, 2020 @ Electric Lodge in los angeles

presented by electric lodge & fringe management

There are many mature and possibly triggering themes in this production that may be sensitive or controversial, including dialogue on sexual assault, politics, war and race. Please speak with a staff representative if you would like further details about this production prior to the show at: hitlerstasterstheplay@gmail.com

Fresh off a SOLD OUT RUN

at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

Select Review Highlights:


"Directed with real style and feeling by Sarah Norris,

the play features five impressive performances."





"The freshest drama I saw all Fringe...

perhaps it will become a modern Fringe classic,

providing a strong message for our times."

The Jewish Chronicle


"I left the room utterly gobsmacked at the level of talent

that I had just had the pleasure of watching."

Theatre Weekly


"One of the hits of the season...nothing could be more relevant or

more perfectly presented."

A Younger Theatre


"Completely different to anything I have seen at this year's Fringe!"

Within Her Words


"Slick, smart production by New Light Theater Project"

The Stage


"Innovative and powerfully original."

Spy in the Stalls

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Hallie Griffin  as Liesel

MaryKathryn Kopp  as Hilda

Kaitlin Paige Longoria  as Anna

Hannah Mae Sturges  as Margot

Jessica Dahlgren | Understudy

† indicates NLTP company member - click name for more info

Written by Michelle Kholos Brooks

Direction & Stage Management by Sarah Norris †

Choreography by Ashlee Wasmund

Fight Choreography by Frances Ramos

Costume Design by Ashleigh Poteat †

Lighting Design by Christina Tang

Sound Design by Carsen Joenk

Scenic Concept by An-lin Dauber

Stage Management by Courtney Knysch †

† indicates NLTP company member - click on name for more info


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Learn more of the history of Hitler's food tasters from this BBC article: 

'The women who tasted Hitler's food' by Holly Williams, featuring our playwright, Michelle Kholos Brooks

LA Times.png
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Check out Hitler's Tasters in the LA Times: 

'Age 28, going on 12: How adult actors pull off playing children onstage' by Stuart Miller, featuring interviews from Michelle Kholos Brooks, Sarah Norris, & Hallie Griffin

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H. Tasters_all-2.jpg

Check out our cast in the Chicago Tribune: 

'Survival is Complicated for Hitler's Tasters' by Myrna Petlicki, featuring interviews from Hallie Griffin, MaryKathryn Kopp, Kaitlin Paige Longoria, & Hannah Mae Sturges

One of the best evenings I’ve spent in the theater in a long time.

It was interesting, entertaining, upsetting and made you think."

Susan Stroman, Legendary Director & Choreographer


Photos by Hunter Canning / @huntercanning

What the playwright Michelle Kholos Brooks has successfully done is meld that past horror with the current political climate (and culture) in America to create a shape-shifting presentation of the 1940’s, spray- painted by 2018.”

Steve Nardoni

Theater Pizzazz

It's such a great essay on the banality of evil and how people sign up to do evil as long as it serves their purpose. And I also found myself to be extremely entertained.”

Jose Solís

American Theatre Podcast

Token Theatre Friends

This one is an original, and it is loaded from stem to stern with fresh new talents.”

David Barbour

Lighting & Sound America

The ensemble is nothing short of breathtaking.”

Erika Phoebus

New York Theater Review


Sarah Norris’ direction is music on stage...the cast is marvelous.”

Holli Harms

Front Row Center

...the brilliant ensemble cast carries this perennial weight with enormous grace and determination.”

David Roberts

Theatre Reviews Limited 

I've never been to a New Light Theater Project show but I'm very impressed.”

Diep Tran

American Theatre Podcast

Token Theatre Friends

Highly Recommended **** Under the careful direction, almost choreographed movement by  Sarah Norris...'Hitler’s Tasters' is an interesting concept & 90 minutes of enjoyment.”

Alan Bresloff

Around the Town Chicago

The story has packed a wallop...Kaitlin Paige Longoria, MaryKathryn Kopp, Hallie Griffin, and Hannah Mae Sturges portray characters rich enough to haunt the audience long after the show is over.”

Stephanie Colburn

Splash Magazine Chicago

Fascinating...the ensemble cast of 'Hitler's Tasters' does a fine job of making the lives of these young women come to life.”

Eloise Marie Valadez

Northwest Indiana Times

Musician collage.JPG

Click image above for bios and links.

"One of the best soundtracks compiled for a play I have ever heard."

Holli Harms

Front Row Center

Sir Babygirl, Spud Cannon, Pretty Polly, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Ellen Winter,

and Amy Leon

...maybe a little Madonna

A dark comedy about the young women who have the “honor” of being Adolf Hitler’s food tasters. Based on true events, Hitler’s Tasters explores the way girls navigate sexuality, friendship, patriotism, and poison during the Third Reich. Using an anachronistic retelling of an historical footnote, Hitler’s Tasters considers what girls discuss as they wait to see if they will survive another meal.

About the play

Unfortunately, our production of Hitler’s Tasters by Michelle Kholos Brooks that was scheduled to run in LA this month, closed after four performances. This decision was sad but necessary, and our cast & team are now in safe places, scattered across the country. We are optimistic about a possible streaming option (more details soon and with permission) and discussions are already underway about bringing the show back to the west coast when this global pandemic is under control.



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