west coast premiere


march 12 - 30, 2020 @ Electric Lodge in los angeles

presented by electric lodge & fringe management

There are many mature and possibly triggering themes in this production that may be sensitive or controversial, including dialogue on sexual assault, politics, war and race. Please speak with a staff representative if you would like further details about this production prior to the show at:


Hallie Griffin  as Liesel

MaryKathryn Kopp  as Hilda

Kaitlin Paige Longoria  as Anna

Hannah Mae Sturges  as Margot

Jessica Dahlgren | Understudy

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Written by Michelle Kholos Brooks

Direction by Sarah Norris †

Choreography by Ashlee Wasmund

Fight Choreography by Frances Ramos

Costume Design by Ashleigh Poteat †

Lighting Design by Christina Tang

Sound Design by Carsen Joenk

Scenic Concept by An-lin Dauber

Stage Management by Courtney Knysch †

† indicates NLTP company member - click on name for more info


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Check out Hitler's Tasters in the LA Times: 

'Age 28, going on 12: How adult actors pull off playing children onstage' by Stuart Miller, featuring interviews from Michelle Kholos Brooks, Sarah Norris, & Hallie Griffin

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A dark comedy about the young women who have the “honor” of being Adolf Hitler’s food tasters. Based on true events, Hitler’s Tasters explores the way girls navigate sexuality, friendship, patriotism, and poison during the Third Reich. Using an anachronistic retelling of an historical footnote, Hitler’s Tasters considers what girls discuss as they wait to see if they will survive another meal.

About the play

Unfortunately, after only four performances, our LA production of Hitler’s Tasters closed prematurely due to Covid-19.