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WINNER of the 2013 Samuel French Off-Off-Broadway Festival

The Team

Written by Ross Howard

Directed by Sarah Norris

Stage Management by Veronica Lee


Amanda Berry

Sarah Girard

Christian Ryan

About the Play

This is a big interview. A big deal. The End. Animal conservationist Dr. Ogden has spent most of his life pandering to pandas. But lately they’ve been dropping like flies and now there’s just one panda left. Her name is Frisky and really she’s been nothing of the sort, which has always secretly suited Dr. Ogden. Motivation and crimes of passion are revealed in this interrogation of lost love, a lost world and the case of the last panda.

Playwright Ross Howard

Our Frisky Team: standing Sarah Norris, Veronica Lee; sitting Sarah Girard, Chris Ryan; floor Amanda Berry

Rehearsal pic: Chris Ryan as Dr. Ogden, Amanda Berry as Frisky

 Fun in Washington Square Park with Frisky 

Promotional pics of Amanda Berry as Frisky meeting strangers in Washington Square Park.

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